Giang Hoang is a multi-talented architectural, interior and landscape designer based in Los Angeles. Her purpose is to bring beauty into the world through her creative vision. Giang, which means "river" in Vietnamese, flows across many disciplines and has an eye for seeing beauty. She is a self-taught illustrator, painter, jewelry designer, and floral artist. She has worked for tastemaker and interior designer Kelly Wearstler and remodeled the former Frank Sintra house, where Marilyn Monroe once resided, for famed record producer and songwriter Max Martin. The residence in West Hollywood was converted into a unique recording studio. She was an integral member of the architectural team that designed and managed the construction of a $48M mansion in Beverly Hills. She has worked with and learned from architect CJ Bonura, who previously worked for Frank Gehry.

Giang came to America at age 8 after her family fled Vietnam. She lived for 2 years in Hong Kong refugee camps before coming to the U.S. Although she was accepted into UC Berkeley's School of Mathematics, life lead her into public service. She worked as an investigator for the National Labor Relations Board enforcing labor law. She holds a Master of Interior Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona, a Certificate of Interior Design from UCLA and​ a Bachelor of Sociology. After 11 years in government as an investigator, she followed her passion, gave up a steady paycheck, lost everything but found the incredible world of DESIGN. Giang is happiest when she is learning, designing and creating. She creates because that is how she exists.